(2015) AUC Interpretationes 5 (2).

Freiheit und Weltentwurf

im Andenken an László Tengelyi

Iván Galán Hompanera

pp. 27-38

The article deals with the latest work of László Tengelyi, Welt und Unendlichkeit: Zum Problém phänomenologischer Metaphysik, with the main focus being laid on husserlian fact-theory (Faktumlehre). Particular attention will be drawn to later phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger) and German idealism. The main thesis is that Tengelyi expanded the methodological scope of transcendental phenomenology by means of his research on facticity, whereby this method is made accessible with regard to traditional themes of speculative philosophy (historicity, liberty).

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Galán Hompanera, I. (2015). Freiheit und Weltentwurf: im Andenken an László Tengelyi. AUC Interpretationes 5 (2), pp. 27-38.

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