(2015) AUC Interpretationes 5 (2).

De Kant à la métaphysique phénoménologique

Le chemin intellectuel de László Tengelyi

Inga Römer

pp. 13-26

The article outlines László Tengelyi’s intellectual path “from Kant to phenomenological metaphysics”.The first part discusses his intellectual development from the first books on Kant until his last book, in order to discuss the question of a possible systematic unity in his work. The second part outlines the principle ideas of Welt und Unendlichkeit. Zum Problem phänomenologischer Metaphysik (World and Infinity. On the Problem of Phenomenological Metaphysics), especially the programme ofphenomenological metaphysics; it also considers briefly the last conference László Tengelyi gave on his 60th birthday. A third and last part aims at situating his idea of phenomenological metaphysics within the context of the contemporary debate around “realism”.

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DOI: 10.14712/24646504.2017.1

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Römer, I. (2015). De Kant à la métaphysique phénoménologique: Le chemin intellectuel de László Tengelyi. AUC Interpretationes 5 (2), pp. 13-26.

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