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Handbook of stressful transitions across the lifespan

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Thomas W. Miller

The modern life cycle is characterized by stressful transitions, when unexpected events—and even many expected ones—challenge people's functioning, health, and sense of self-worth. The international, multidisciplinary perspectives provided in the Handbook of Stressful Transitions Across the Lifespan cover these periods as they occur through youth, adulthood, and aging, bringing together theoretical and clinical findings, case studies, and literature reviews in one authoritative volume.

A diverse panel of clinicians, researchers, and educators focuses on the psychological, biological, cultural and spiritual factorssurrounding not only trauma and loss but also coping and growth, risk and mitigating factors, and promising interventions. Whether topics are just beginning to receive in-depth attention (the first job; becoming adoptive parents), ongoing issues requiring new insights (veterans' adjustment to civilian life; chronic illness), or emerging concepts (trauma growth; animal-assisted therapy), coverage is well-written, engaging, and eminently useful.

A sampling of the topics featured in the Handbook:

With its comprehensive scope and wealth of data, the Handbook of Stressful Transitions Across the Lifespan will appeal to a variety of professional readers, including researchers and scholars in the fields of social, developmental and clinical psychology, sociology, and public health.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-0748-6

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Miller, T. W. (ed) (2010). Handbook of stressful transitions across the lifespan, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Life as a source of theory

Clark James J.


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College-to-workplace transitions

Hettich Paul I.


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Coping with job transitions over the work life

Rudisill John R.; Edwards Jean M.; Hershberger Paul J.; Jadwin Joyce E.; McKee John M.


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The transition to adoptive parenthood

Goldberg Abbie E.


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Transitioning the impact of divorce on children throughout the life cycle

Barczak Brian; Miller Thomas W.; Veltkamp Lane J.


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Sexual transitions in the lives of adult women

Koert Emily; Daniluk Judith C.


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Family and spousal adaptation to transitioning a traumatic event

Miller Thomas W.; Dunn Cindy; Patel Ila


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Ethical and legal issues in transitioning the lifespan

Nisenbaum Steven; Shapiro Daniel


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Life stress and managing transitions unanticipated change of course

Weitzel William D.; Carney Judith K.


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Transitions throughout the cancer experience

Moe Krista; Schreiber Judith A.; Warden Sherry; Brockopp Dorothy Ann


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Loss of the safety signal in childhood and adolescent trauma

Miller Thomas W.; Beane Allan


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An unexpected traumatic change in life

Welsh Richard; Veltkamp Lane J.; Miller Thomas W.


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Self-regulation across some life transitions

Lacković-Grgin Katica; Penezić Zvjezdan


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Religious worldviews and stressful encounters

Park Crystal L.; Edmondson Donald; Mills Mary Alice


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Life stress buffer

Wheeler Evangeline A.


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Surviving and thriving

Williams Dai


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Posttraumatic growth

Lindstrom Cassie M.; Triplett Kelli N.


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Nutrition through the life span

Ilich Jasminka Z.; Brownbill Rhonda A.


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The role of humor in transforming stressful life events

Kuhn Clifford C.; Nichols Michael R.; Belew Barbara L.


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