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Pronunciation learning strategy chains

a qualitative approach

Magdalena Szyszka

pp. 35-47

Language learning is a daunting process frequently enhanced by a number of factors, for example, language learning strategies deployed in an orchestrated manner (Oxford 1990). Similarly, pronunciation learning may be supported by effective strategies used either separately or in logically combined chains. However, little attention has been given so far to the strategies L2 learners employ when learning the target language pronunciation, not to mention pronunciation learning strategy chains. Hence, there have been a limited number of empirical investigations into pronunciation learning strategies (PLS) in general and in particular the ones following the qualitative design (cf. Bukowski 2004; Pawlak 2011; Peterson 2000; Osburne 2003; Samalieva 2000; Wrembel 2011).The present paper investigates the use of pronunciation learning strategies of a group of teacher trainees, who are advanced L2 learners consciously employing PLS in order to improve their intelligibility. Following the qualitative paradigm, two approaches have been adopted to collect the data: semi-structured interviews and learner diaries. The former focuses on contextualised use of PLS while giving oral presentations; whereas the latter concentrates on records of individual pronunciation learning processes extended in time. The analysis of the outcomes provides interesting tendencies revealing students' ways of learning foreign language pronunciation by applying orchestrated and logically sequenced pronunciation strategy chains while performing tasks for pronunciation learning.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-08353-7_3

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Szyszka, M. (2014)., Pronunciation learning strategy chains: a qualitative approach, in D. Gabry Barker, D. Gabryś-Barker & A. Wojtaszek (eds.), Studying second language acquisition from a qualitative perspective, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 35-47.

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