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385 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-11417-0

Advances in architectural geometry 2014

Edited by

Philippe Block, Jan Knippers, Wenping Wang

This book contains 24 technical papers presented at the fourth edition of the Advances in Architectural Geometry conference, AAG 2014, held in London, England, September 2014. It offers engineers, mathematicians, designers, and contractors insight into the efficient design, analysis, and manufacture of complex shapes, which will help open up new horizons for architecture.

The book examines geometric aspects involved in architectural design, ranging from initial conception to final fabrication. It focuses on four key topics: applied geometry, architecture, computational design, andalso practice in the form of case studies. In addition, the book also features algorithms, proposed implementation, experimental results, and illustrations.

Overall, the book presents both theoretical and practical work linked to new geometrical developments in architecture. It gathers the diverse components of the contemporary architectural tendencies that push the building envelope towards free form in order to respond to multiple current design challenges.

With its introduction of novel computational algorithms and tools, this book will prove an ideal resource to both newcomers to the field as well as advanced practitioners.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-11418-7

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Block, P. , Knippers, J. , Wang, W. (eds) (2015). Advances in architectural geometry 2014, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Simulation of aggregate structures in architecture

Dierichs Karola; Menges Achim


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Modular fibrous morphologies

Parascho Stefana; Knippers Jan; Menges Achim


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Application of hybrid glass-timber elements in architecture

Eversmann Philipp; Ehret Paul; Louter Christian; Santarsiero Manuel


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Gaudi's puffy jacket

Maxwell Iain; Pigram Dave


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Interactive modeling of architectural freeform structures

Jiang Caigui; Tang Chengcheng; Tomičí Marko; Wallner Johannes; Pottmann Helmut


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Biomimetic lightweight timber plate shells

Schwinn Tobias; Menges Achim; Knippers Jan


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Form finding of twisted interlaced structures

Nabaei Sina; Baverel Olivier; Weinand Yves


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A graph-based approach for discovery of stable deconstruction sequences

Beyeler Lukas; Bazin Jean-Charles; Whiting Emily


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Advanced topology optimization methods for conceptual architectural design

Aage Niels; Amir Oded; Clausen Anders; Hadar Lior; Maier Dana; Søndergaard Asbjørn


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Computational design and construction of notch-free reciprocal frame structures

Mellado Nicolas; Song Peng; Yan Xiaoqi; Fu Chi-Wing


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Surface panelization using periodic conformal maps

Rörig Thilo; Sechelmann Stefan; Kycia Agata; Fleischmann Moritz


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Designing symmetric derivatives of the miura-ori

Sareh Pooya; Guest Simon D.


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Algorithmic optimization of the cross-section distribution across a steel framework structure

Lombard Lucas; Lalande Jérôme; Consigny François


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Planar panelization with extreme repetition

Huard Mathieu; Eigensatz Michael; Bompas Philippe


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Interlocking folded plate

Robeller Christopher; Stitic Andrea; Mayencourt Paul; Weinand Yves


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The ongreening pavilion

Harding John; Pearson Will; Lewis Harri; Melville Stephen


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The caterpillar gallery

Narváez-Rodríguez Roberto; Martín-Pastor Andrés; Aguilar-Alejandre María


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Constructing complex geometries

Soquier Benjamin; Mizzi Raphael; Dureisseix Daphné; Valette Jean-Baptiste


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The geometry of the error

Adilenidou Yota


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Offset folding

Stahr Alexander; Löschke Hannes


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