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The Oxford handbook of phenomenological psychopathology

Edited by

Giovanni Stanghellini, Matthew Broome, Paolo Fusar-Poli, Anthony Fernandez , Andrea Raballo, René Rosfort

The field of phenomenological psychopathology (PP) is concerned with exploring and describing the individual experience of those suffering from mental disorders. Whilst there is often an understandable emphasis within psychiatry on diagnosis and treatment, the subjective experience of the individual is frequently overlooked. Yet a patient's own account of how their illness affects their thoughts, values, consciousness, and sense of self, can provide important insights into their condition - insights that can complement the more empirical findings from studies ofbrain function or behaviour.

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Stanghellini, G. , Broome, M. , Fusar-Poli, P. , Fernandez, A. , Raballo, A. , Rosfort, R. (eds) (2019). The Oxford handbook of phenomenological psychopathology, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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