Locale, street, square

a naive theory of the city

Frederik Stjernfelt

pp. 105-113

The paper outline three basic categories of urban phenomenology based upon the simple notion of a trajectory thorough a network of streets. This formal notion gives rise to three different phases of such a trajectory—where the movement stops, when it proceeds unproblematically, and when several possibilities for choosing the further trajectory present themselves; thus, the locale, the street, and the square, as indicated in the title. Based on the Peircean notions of First-, Second-, and Thirdness, the paper makes a first investigation as to which aspects of urban experience are connected to these three categories.

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DOI: 10.1007/s12130-008-9050-z

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Stjernfelt, F. (2008). Locale, street, square: a naive theory of the city. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (3), pp. 105-113.

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