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369 Pages

ISBN 978-94-017-8949-3

Religion and spirituality across cultures

Edited by

Chu Kim-Prieto

This book presents an integrated review and critical analysis of the recent research in the positive psychology of religion, with focus on the positive psychology of religion across different cultures and religions. The book provides a review of the literature on different contributions of religion and spirituality to positive functioning and well-being and reviews religions across the world, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, Native American religions, and Hinduism. 

It fills a unique place in the market's increasing interest anddemand in the psychology of religion, as well as positive psychology. While the target audience is researchers, scholars, and students in psychology, cross-cultural studies, religious studies, and social sciences, it will be useful for anyone interested in better understanding the contributions of religion and culture in subjective well-being.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-017-8950-9

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Kim-Prieto, C. (ed) (2014). Religion and spirituality across cultures, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents


Kim-Prieto Chu


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Virtues that transcend

Schnall Eliezer; Schiffman Mark; Cherniak Aaron


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The contributions of Christian perspectives and practices to positive psychology

Worthington Everett L.; Lavelock Caroline R.; Van Tongeren Daryl R.; van OyenWitvliet Charlotte; Griffin Brandon J.; Greer Chelsea L.; Jennings David J.; Lin Yin; Jordan Kayla; Yee Ho Man


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Buddhism and positive psychology

Cassaniti Julia L.


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Sikhism and positive psychology

Ahluwalia Muninder K.; Flores Locke Anna; Hylton Steven


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Religiosity and subjective well-being

Tay Louis; Li Miao; Myers David B.; Diener Ed


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Religious/spiritual meaning systems

Park Crystal L.; Hale Amy


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Mind-body practices and the neuro-psychology of wellbeing

Gerbarg Patricia L.; Gootjes Liselotte; Brown Richard S.


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Religion, emotion regulation, and well-being

Vishkin Allon; Bigman Yochanan; Tamir Maya


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Humility and religion

Woodruff Elissa; Van Tongeren Daryl R.


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Gratitude and spirituality

Wirtz Derrick; Gordon Cameron L.; Stalls Juliann


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Religion and forgiveness of others

Rye Mark S.; McCabe Cara F.


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Spiritual resilience and struggle following the experience of a stroke

Feuille Bockrath Margaret; Pargament Kenneth I.; Ostwald Sharon K.


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