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ISBN 978-3-319-79077-0

The political theory of modus vivendi

Edited by

John Horton, Manon Westphal, Ulrich Willems

This book focuses on the idea of a modus vivendi as a way of governing political life and addressing problems characterized by pluralism or deep-rooted diversity. The individual essays illustrate both the merits and the limitations of a political theory of modus vivendi; how it might be interpreted and developed; specific challenges entailed by articulating it in a convincing form; what its institutional implications might be; and how it relates to other seminal issues and concepts in political theory; suchas legitimacy, toleration, the social contract, etc. The book makes a significant contribution to the discussion on the scope and limits of liberal political theory, and on how to deal politically with deep-rooted diversity.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-79078-7

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Horton, J. , Westphal, M. , Willems, U. (eds) (2019). The political theory of modus vivendi, Springer, Dordrecht.

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