Springer, Dordrecht


288 Pages

ISBN 978-94-007-2335-1

vol. 6

The symbolic species evolved

Edited by

Theresa Schilhab , Frederik Stjernfelt, Terrence W. Deacon

Scientific considerations about the origin of humanity might not be entirely new. However, the articles in this volume present a spectrum/variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives which no doubt calls attention and dares to present the span of the problem. The reader is inspired to continuously push and re-think ways of thinking about the themes, instead of fixing and unequivocalizing and is forced to acknowledge a diversity of angles and the need of merging different approaches to achieve further insightson the central theme. The volume succinctly distils frontline research within different subfields by compiling contributions from widely acknowledged academics.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-2336-8

Full citation:

Schilhab, T. , Stjernfelt, F. , Deacon, T. W. (eds) (2012). The symbolic species evolved, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Introduction – searching the missing links

Stjernfelt Frederik; Schilhab Theresa; Deacon Terrence W.


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The evolution of semiotic self-control

Stjernfelt Frederik


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Semiosis beyond signs

Sonesson Göran


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The natural history of intentionality

Hoffmeyer Jesper


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The evolution of learning to communicate

Pepperberg Irene M.


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The tripod effect

Gärdenfors Peter; Brinck Ingar; Osvath Mathias


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Levels of immersion and embodiment

Schilhab Theresa


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Emerging symbols

Leijnen Stefan


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Gender in innovative techno fantasies

Hasse Cathrine


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