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369 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-08107-6

Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation
vol. 74

Machine medical ethics

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Simon van Rysewyk , Matthijs Pontier

The essays in this book, written by researchers from both humanities and sciences, describe various theoretical and experimental approaches to adding medical ethics to a machine in medical settings.

Medical machines are in close proximity with human beings, and getting closer: with patients who are in vulnerable states of health, who have disabilities of various kinds, with the very young or very old, and with medical professionals. In such contexts, machines are undertaking important medical tasks that require emotional sensitivity, knowledgeof medical codes, human dignity, and privacy. As machine technology advances, ethical concerns become more urgent: should medical machines be programmed to follow a code of medical ethics? What theory or theories should constrain medical machine conduct? What design features are required? Should machines share responsibility with humans for the ethical consequences of medical actions? How ought clinical relationships involving machines to be modeled? Is a capacity for empathy and emotion detection necessary? What about consciousness?

This collection is the first book to address these 21st-century concerns.

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van Rysewyk, S. , Pontier, M. (eds) (2015). Machine medical ethics, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

An overview of machine medical ethics

Kochetkova Tatjana


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Good healthcare is in the "how"

Coeckelbergh Mark


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Towards a principle-based healthcare agent

Leigh Anderson Susan; Anderson Michael L.; Anderson Michael C


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Do machines have prima facie duties?

Lucas Joshua; Comstock Gary


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Opportunity costs

Henschke Adam


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The rights of machines

Gunkel David J.


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Machine medical ethics and robot law

van den Hoven van Genderen Rob


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Having the final say

Inthorn Julia; Seising Rudolf


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Ethics of robotic assisted dying

Tonkens Ryan


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Machine medical ethics

Hoorn Johan F.


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Eliza fifty years later

Rzepka Rafal; Araki Kenji


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Emotion and disposition detection in medical machines

Hartmann Kim; Siegert Ingo; Prylipko Dmytro


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