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990 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-12615-9

Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy & Psychology
vol. 4

Interdisciplinary studies in pragmatics, culture and society

Edited by

Alessandro Capone, Jacob L. Mey

This volume is part of the series "Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology", edited for Springer by Alessandro Capone. It is intended for an audience of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postgraduate and advanced researchers. This volume focuses on societal pragmatics.

One of the main concerns of societal pragmatics is the world of language users. We are interested in the investigation of linguistic practices in the context of societal practices ("praxis", to use a term used in the Wittgensteinian and othertraditions).

It is clear that the world of users, including their practices, their culture, and their social aims has to be taken into account and seriously investigated when we deal with the pragmatics of language. It is not enough to discuss principles of language use solely in the guise of abstract theoretical tools. Consequently, the present volume focuses explicitly on the interplay of abstract, theoretical principles and the necessities imposed by societal contexts often requiring a more flexible use of such theoretical tools.

The volume includes articles on pragmemes, politeness and anti-politeness, dialogue, joint utterances, discourse markers, pragmatics and the law, institutional discourse, critical discourse analysis, pragmatics and culture, cultural scripts, argumentation theory, connectives and argumentation, language games and psychotherapy, slurs, the analysis of funerary rites, as well as an authoritative chapter by Jacob L. Mey on societal pragmatics.

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Capone, A. , Mey, J. L. (eds) (2016). Interdisciplinary studies in pragmatics, culture and society, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents


Capone Alessandro; Mey Jacob L.


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Critical discourse analysis

Waugh Linda; Catalano Theresa; Hong Do Tom; Renigar Paul G


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Pronouns and neo-gricean pragmatics

Davis Wayne A.


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The dialogic principle revisited

Weigand Edda


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Philosophy and psychoanalysis

Cimatti Felice


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The individual and the social path of interpretation

Jaszczolt Kasia; Savva Eleni; Haugh Michael


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Discourse and racism

Van Dijk Teun A


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Discourse markers in oral narrative

Norrick Neal R.


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Modular, cellular, integral

Mey Jacob L.


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A benchmark for politeness

Allan Keith


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Impoliteness strategies

Culpeper Jonathan


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Adpositions, deixis, and anti-deixis

Reed Libert Alan


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Cultural discourse analysis

Carbaugh Donal


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Transcription as second-order entextualization

Haberland Hartmut; Mortensen Janus


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Porque in Spanish oral narratives

Blackwell Sarah E.


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Argumentation and connectives

Moeschler Jacques


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Joint utterances and the (split-)turn taking puzzle

Gregoromichelaki Eleni; Kempson Ruth


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The pragmatics of embedded exclamatives

Gutiérrez-Rexach Javier; Andueza Patricia


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Collectivism and coercion

Poole Brian


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Emotional feelings as a form of evidence

Wakefield John C.


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Rituals of death as staged communicative acts and pragmemes

Salmani Nodoushan Mohammad Ali


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