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ISBN 978-3-319-47863-0

The crisis conundrum

how to reconcile economy and society

Edited by

Mauro Magatti

This collection addresses the path to a new prosperity after the Great Recession. The contributors ask that if the 2008 crisis proved the unsustainability of the neoliberal development model, what does well-being mean today in advanced western democracies? What kind of production and consumption will be a feature of the coming decades? What are the financial, economic, institutional and social innovations needed to reconcile economy and society after decades of disembedding? The Crisis Conundrum offers an interdisciplinary interpretation of the crisis asan opportunity to reform capitalism and consumption societies, structurally as well as culturally.

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Magatti, M. (ed) (2017). The crisis conundrum: how to reconcile economy and society, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Table of Contents

Beyond the consumerist-financial exchange

Magatti Mauro; Gherardi Laura


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On income inequality

McCombie John; Spreafico Marta


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From one precariousness to another

Amato Massimo


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From asymmetries to harmony

Dembinski Paul


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Escaping the anthropocene

Stiegler Bernard


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Out of the great recession

Giaccardi Chiara; Martinelli Monica; Silla Cesare


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A major reason for the present crisis

Flahault Francois


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The need for an anthropology of wealth

Petrosino Silvano


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Democracy beyond liberalism

Mark Hunyadi


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Global, universal, common

Botturi Francesco


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