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ISBN 978-3-319-54388-8

Inclusive Learning and Educational Equity
vol. 2

Teacher education for the changing demographics of schooling

issues for research and practice

Edited by

Lani Florian , Nataša Pantić

In today's world, the demographic profile of students in schools is more complex than ever before, and the increasing cultural, linguistic and developmental diversity of today's classrooms, along with the pressure to achieve high academic standards for everybody has significant implications for how classroom teachers should be prepared to meet these demands. This book advances a new understanding of inclusive education that addresses the limitations inherent in current approaches that problematize differences between learner groups by promoting a view ofdifference as an aspect of human individuality. It considers the implications of the research evidence underpinning teacher education for diversity and makes suggestions for future research in the field.


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Florian, L. , Pantić, N. (eds) (2017). Teacher education for the changing demographics of schooling: issues for research and practice, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Educating teachers as agents of social justice

Pantić Nataša; Carr David


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Teaching culturally diverse pupils

Santoro Ninetta


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Navigating the boundaries of difference

Deppeler Joanne


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Teacher education for the changing demographics of schooling

Florian Lani; Pantić Nataša


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