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(2011) Scientific & mathematical bodies, Dordrecht, Springer.

Learning – from the perspective of the unknown

Sung Won Hwang, Wolff-Michael Roth

pp. 119-143

To learn means to come to know something heretofore unknown. While still unknown, we inherently cannot aim at an object (e.g., knowledge, concept). We cannot even know that there is something like an object to be parceled out. The unknown is both massive and undifferentiated and known only through its presence as non-presence.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-6091-567-3_8

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Hwang, S.W. , Roth, W. (2011)., Learning – from the perspective of the unknown, in S. W. Hwang & W. Roth (eds.), Scientific & mathematical bodies, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 119-143.

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