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360 Pages

ISBN 978-3-642-45431-8

Technologies of inclusive well-being

serious games, alternative realities, and play therapy

Edited by

Anthony Lewis Brooks , Sheryl Brahnam

This book is the first single volume that brings together the topics of serious games, alternative realities, and play therapy. The focus is on the use of digital media for the therapeutic benefit and well-being of a wide range of people−spanning those with special needs to the elderly to entire urban neighborhoods. This book brings together these topics to demonstrate the increasing trans/inter/multi-disciplinary initiatives apparent today in science, medicine, and academic research−interdisciplinary initiative that are already profoundly impacting society.  

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Lewis Brooks, A. , Brahnam, S. (eds) (2014). Technologies of inclusive well-being: serious games, alternative realities, and play therapy, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Design issues for vision-based motor-rehabilitation serious games

Jaume-i-Capó Antoni; Moyà-Alcover Biel; Varona Javier


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Development of a memory training game

Jensen Kristoffer


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A body of evidence

Palmer Mark; Turton Ailie; Grieve Sharon; Moss Tim; Lewis Jenny


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Engaging children in play therapy

García-Vergara Sergio; Brown LaVonda; Won Park Hae; Howard M. C.


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Instruments for everyone

Gehlhaar Rolf; Girão Luis Miguel


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Designing for musical play

Challis Ben


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Serious games as positive technologies for individual and group flourishing

Argenton Luca; Triberti Stefano; Serino Silvia; Muzio Marisa; Riva Giuseppe


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Spontaneous interventions for health

Knöll Martin; Moar Magnus; Boyd Davis Stephen; Saunders Mike


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