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intercultural interaction in the online global music jam session

Roger Mills

This research monograph explores the rapidly expanding field of networked music making and the ways in which musicians of different cultures improvise together online. It draws on extensive research to uncover the creative and cognitive approaches that geographically dispersed musicians develop to interact in displaced tele-improvisatory collaboration. It presents a multimodal analysis of three tele-improvisatory performances that examine how cross-cultural musician's express and perceive intentionality in these interactions, as well as their experiences of distributed agency and tele-presence.

Tele-Improvisation: Intercultural Interactionin the Online Global Music Jam Session will provide essential reading for musician's, postgraduate students, researchers and educators, working in the areas of telematic performance, musicology, music cognition, intercultural communication, distance collaboration and learning, digital humanities, Computer Supported Cooperative Work and HCI.

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Mills, R. (2019). Tele-improvisation: intercultural interaction in the online global music jam session, Springer, Dordrecht.

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