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Michel Paty

pp. 1-56

When the organizers of this book kindly asked me to write the Introduction, I felt at the same time honoured and abashed (embarrassé), both because of my nationality, being not a Brazilian but a French. I felt honoured and pleased, for it meant that they consider me to some extent as pertaining to Brazilian culture, and particularly to the Brazilian academic milieu of philosophers. True, other friends and colleagues in this country already told me that, and even use to say it, and I know that they not only say it but think it sincerely. Even if it is not new for me, this adoption makes me always very pleased and I must say that I reciprocally feel at home in Brazil – I mean the country, the people and the culture -, and this reciprocal reconnaissance is grounded on many years (44, indeed) of convivence and work with Brazilian scholars, professors, searchers and students as well, this being not exclusive of course. And I think important that it be not exclusive, for various obvious reasons, among which that one: the academic and intellectual milieu and concern are not separated from the rest of social life, in all its dimensions. This is true also as well of philosophy, "even" philosophy of science if I dare say, and such will be the meaning of my first reflection in this Introduction.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-90-481-9422-3_1

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Paty, M. (2011)., Introduction, in D. Krause & A. A. Passos Videira (eds.), Brazilian studies in philosophy and history of science, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 1-56.

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