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ISBN 978-3-642-21477-6

Multidisciplinary aspects of time and time perception

international workshop, Athens, Greece, October 7-8, 2010, revised selected papers

Edited by

Argiro Vatakis , Anna Esposito , Maria Giagkou , Fred Cummins

This book constitutes the documentation of the scientific outcome of the first meeting of the TIMELY network, the International Workshop on Multidisciplinary Aspects of Time and Time Perception, which took place in Athens, Greece, in October 2010.

The 21 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. They cover the following topics: conceptual analysis and measurement of time; exploring factors associated with time perception variability; extending time research to ecologically-valid stimuli and real-world applications; and uncoveringthe neural correlates of time perception.

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Vatakis, A. , Esposito, A. , Giagkou, M. , Cummins, F. (eds) (2011). Multidisciplinary aspects of time and time perception: international workshop, Athens, Greece, October 7-8, 2010, revised selected papers, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

New perspectives on Vierordt's law

Gu Bon-Mi; Meck Warren H.


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Reproduction of duration

Glicksohn Joseph; Leshem Rotem


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Duration discrimination performance

Grondin Simon; Ulrich Rolf


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Child and time

Droit-Volet Sylvie


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Temporal information processing and mental ability

Troche Stefan J.; Rammsayer Thomas H.


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The embodiment of time estimation

Castillo Ramon D.; Van Orden Guy; Kloos Heidi


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What can be inferred from multiple-task psychophysical studies about the mechanisms for temporal processing?

Merchant Hugo; Bartolo Ramón; Pérez Oswaldo; Zarco Wilbert; Mendoza Germán


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Quality space model of temporal perception

Klincewicz Michał


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On clocks, models and metaphors

Wackermann Jiří


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Time reference in fluent aphasia

Kljajevic Vanja; Bastiaanse Roelien


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Logical and experiential time in narratives

Samartzi Stavroula; Kazi Smaragda; Koustoumbardis Miltiadis


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