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647 Pages

ISBN 978-3-319-60038-3

From Riemann to differential geometry and relativity

Edited by

Lizhen Ji , Athanase Papadopoulos , Sumio Yamada

This book explores the work of Bernhard Riemann and its impact on mathematics, philosophy and physics. It features contributions from a range of fields, historical expositions, and selected research articles that were motivated by Riemann's ideas and demonstrate their timelessness. The editors are convinced of the tremendous value of going into Riemann's work in depth, investigating his original ideas, integrating them into a broader perspective, and establishing ties with modern science and philosophy. Accordingly, the contributors to this volume are mathematicians,physicists, philosophers and historians of science. The book offers a unique resource for students and researchers in the fields of mathematics, physics and philosophy, historians of science, and more generally to a wide range of readers interested in the history of ideas.

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Ji, L. , Papadopoulos, A. , Yamada, S. (eds) (2017). From Riemann to differential geometry and relativity, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Looking backward

Papadopoulos Athanase


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Riemann's work on minimal surfaces

Yamada Sumio


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Physics in Riemann's mathematical papers

Papadopoulos Athanase


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Cauchy and Puiseux

Papadopoulos Athanase


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Riemann surfaces

Papadopoulos Athanase


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The origin of the notion of manifold

Ohshika Ken'ichi


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Deleuze et la géométrie Riemannienne

Jedrzejewski Franck


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Comprehending the connection of things

Plotnitsky Arkady


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The Riemann–Roch theorem

A'Campo Norbert; Alberge Vincent; Frenkel Elena


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Metric geometries in an axiomatic perspective

Pambuccian Victor; Struve Horst; Struve Rolf


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Generalized Riemann sums

Sunada Toshikazu


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On the positive mass theorem for closed Riemannian manifolds

Hermann Andreas; Humbert Emmanuel


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The conformal approach to asymptotic analysis

Nicolas Jean-Philippe


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Bernhard Riemann and his work

Ji Lizhen


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