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International handbook of research in professional and practice-based learning

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Stephen Billett , Christian Harteis , Hans Gruber

The International Handbook of Research in Professional and Practice-based Learning discusses what constitutes professionalism, examines the concepts and practices of professional and practice-based learning, including associated research traditions and educational provisions. It also explores professional learning in institutions of higher and vocational education as well the practice settings where professionals work and learn, focusing on both initial and ongoing development and how that learning is assessed.
The Handbook features research from expert contributors in education, studies of the professions, and accountsof research methodologies from a range of informing disciplines. It is organized in two parts. The first part sets out conceptions of professionalism at work, how professions, work and learning can be understood, and examines the kinds of institutional practices organized for developing occupational capacities. The second part focuses on procedural issues associated with learning for and through professional practice, and how assessment of professional capacities might progress.
The key premise of this Handbook is that during both initial and ongoing professional development, individual learning processes are influenced and shaped through their professional environment and practices. Moreover, in turn, the practice and processes of learning through practice are shaped by their development, all of which are required to be understood through a range of research orientations, methods and findings.
This Handbook will appeal to academics working in fields of professional practice, including those who are concerned about developing these capacities in their students. In addition, students and research students will also find this Handbook a key reference resource to the field.

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Billett, S. , Harteis, C. , Gruber, H. (eds) (2014). International handbook of research in professional and practice-based learning, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

The concept of professionalism

Evetts Julia


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Professional work and knowledge

Markauskaite Lina; Goodyear Peter


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Becoming a practitioner

Gherardi Silvia; Perrotta Manuela


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Understanding learning for the professions

Lehtinen Erno; Hakkarainen Kai; Palonen Tuire


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Understanding learning for work

Filliettaz Laurent


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A phenomenological perspective on researching work and learning

Dall'Alba Gloria; Sandberg Jörgen


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From university to professional practice

Abrandt Dahlgren Madeleine; Dyrdal Solbrekke Tone; Karseth Berit; Nyström Sofia


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Transitions to working life

Tynjälä Päivi; Newton Jennifer M.


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Interprofessional education in the health workplace

Greenstock Louise; Fiddes Patrick; Fraser Catriona; Brooks Peter


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Medical education

Dornan Tim; Teunissen Pim W.


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Changing cultures of knowledge and professional learning

Nerland Monika; Jensen Karen


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Identity and agency in professional learning

Eteläpelto Anneli; Vähäsantanen Katja; Hökkä Päivi; Paloniemi Susanna


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Simulation learning

Breckwoldt Jan; Gruber Hans; Wittmann Andreas


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Learning from errors at work

Harteis Christian; Bauer Johannes


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Learning in the circumstances of professional practice

Billett Stephen; Smith Raymond


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Implicit knowledge and work performance

Herbig Britta; Müller Andreas Uwe


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An organisational perspective on professionals' learning

Elkjaer Bente; Brandi Ulrik


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Mimetic learning at work

Billett Stephen


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Professional development and the profession

Havnes Anton; Smeby Jens-Christian


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Team learning in education and professional organisations

Dochy Filip; Gijbels David; Raes Elisabeth; Kyndt Eva


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Teams, communities of practice, and knowledge networks as locations for learning professional practice

Marsick Victoria J.; Shiotani Andrew K.; Gephart Martha A.


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The new professionalism

Avis James; Orr Kevin


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Older professionals, learning and practice

Billett Stephen


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Promoting practice-based innovation through learning at work

Ellström Per-Erik; Nilsen Per


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Technology-enhanced professional learning

Littlejohn Allison; Margaryan Anoush


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