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On the early appraisals in Russia of H. and R. Grassmann's achievements

Boris Biryukov , Zinaida Kuzicheva

pp. 175-183

Starting in the first quarter of the nineteenth century, one can observe a revival of mathematical activity in Russia, which followed a relative decline caused by Leonhard Euler's death. This revival was accompanied by growth in the number and quality of scientific investigations, as well as by the appearance of good educational materials from the hands of native mathematicians. Translations into Russian of works of prominent foreign scientists were published. In addition a considerable role in the distribution of scientific knowledge was played by reviews of Russian and foreign publications and distinguished scientists' biographies which appeared in periodic publications, for example in the Journal of the Ministry of Mass Enlightenment which appeared regularly from 13 1832 until October 1917. In addition, new scientific journals were founded. Thus Viktor Viktorovitch Bobynin founded a journal Physical–Mathematical Sciences, Past and Present. It appeared in two parallel editions: Scientific papers section (four issues a year) and Scientific news, criticism and bibliographies (monthly).

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-0346-0405-5_16

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Biryukov, B. , Kuzicheva, Z. (2011)., On the early appraisals in Russia of H. and R. Grassmann's achievements, in S. Russ & J. Liesen (eds.), From Past to Future: Graßmann's Work in Context, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 175-183.

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