(2015) Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento).

Nespolo/Fluxus - Fluxus/Nespolo

Storia di una intersezione

Vincenzo Santarcangelo

pp. 123-129

In this paper I try to shed light on the relationship between Ugo Nespolo and the Fluxus group, which the artist contributed to import to Italy in the late Sixties. I then argue that, thanks to the fact that Nespolo’s artworks (especially in the avant-garde period) are documents, it is possible to look in a new and different way at an (anti)artistic movement that sought, in vain, to undermine the idea of objectivity and authorship of the work of art.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.2289

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Santarcangelo, V. (2015). Nespolo/Fluxus - Fluxus/Nespolo: Storia di una intersezione. Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento), pp. 123-129.

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