(2015) Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento).

I cartelloni di Nespolo

Gillo Dorfles

pp. 109-110

Nespolo’s posters have both advertising and educative value. Their style is the same of his artwork based on the inlay technique and the puzzle effect of the configurations. Various cultural events are advertised in Nespolo’s posters: music festival, sports competitions, conferences and also his own art exhibitions. The main features of this posters are: a chromatically salience, a visually simplicity and the typical Nespolo’s ludic attitude. These are the guarantee of the success of his posters.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.2284

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Dorfles, G. (2015). I cartelloni di Nespolo. Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento), pp. 109-110.

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