(2015) Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento).

L'"ars combinatoria" di Ugo Nespolo

Renato Barilli

pp. 23-25

The combination of single material elements characterises Nespolo’s artworks since the 60s. The primacy of art factuality - to do art manually - emerges both in his geometrically structured works and in his machines and wooden uniconic structures. These are all combined and based on the strategy of puzzle and on a reflection about the mental attitude to do art. For these reasons, it is possible to consider Nespolo as a forerunner of Conceptual Art.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.2264

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Barilli, R. (2015). L'"ars combinatoria" di Ugo Nespolo. Rivista di estetica 58 (supplemento), pp. 23-25.

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