I vantaggi di un'economia postmonetaria

Pierangelo Dacrema

pp. 99-132

Can a postmonetary economy – i.e. an economy which lacks money – offer preferable results to those achieved by a system relying on money? This contribution presents a critical view of the current monetary system by shedding light on its costs, discussed in terms of “apparent employment”, “apparent unemployment”, and “diverted motivations”. To this end, a cost-benefit analysis of non-monetary economy, within the theoretical framework of marginalism, is carried out. The conclusion is that a post (non) monetary economy is able to lead to a higher production level and a more fair distribution of wealth, albeit at the expense of a lower efficiency.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1215

Full citation:

Dacrema, P. (2016). I vantaggi di un'economia postmonetaria. Rivista di estetica 62, pp. 99-132.

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