Una pietrina nel grande muro che si chiama shoah

Hanna Kugler Weiss

pp. 65-76

In this conversation with one of the witnesses from Auschwitz, deported when she was sixteen and become a Muselmann in the concentration camp, we can realize the discredit and even the contempt that surrounded the victims when they came back to the “planet of the living”, as well as the tardy interest for their stories that followed the trial against Eichmann. But how to witness? How to find the words to make other people understand what hunger or coldness are, when their experience dates back so far in time? «There is no answer to the question: how did it happen? Knowing, not abstractly but through the images that one brings within oneself, that humans are capable of this, is really hard to stand with».

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1743

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Kugler Weiss, H. (2010). Una pietrina nel grande muro che si chiama shoah. Rivista di estetica 45, pp. 65-76.

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