Editorial introduction

Philipp Frank, a physicist-turned-philosopher

Adam Tuboly

pp. 199-206

Philipp Frank […] undermined common ideas of rationality in a different way by showing that the arguments against Copernicus had been perfectly sound and in agreement with experience while Galileo’s procedures were ‘unscientific’ when viewed from a modern standpoint. […] Frank’s work has been treated quite unfairly […]. Also his ideas are now commonplace. But it was he who announced them when almost everyone thought differently. (Feyerabend 1988: 277.)

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DOI: 10.1007/s11212-017-9287-8

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Tuboly, A. (2017). Editorial introduction: Philipp Frank, a physicist-turned-philosopher. Studies in East European Thought 69 (3), pp. 199-206.

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