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(1969) Studies in phenomenology, Dordrecht, Springer.


Debabrata Sinha, Sinha Debabrata

pp. 1-11

A standing problem in philosophy is the problem of relating the empirical with what is supposed to transcend experience. But the problem of transcendence in relation to experience — in other words, the relation of the empirical with the trans-empirical — seems to take a particularly acute shape in modern non-speculative philosophy, or Critical philosophy since Kant. Not prepossessed by the task of constructing a metaphysical system of "First Principles", critical philosophy at large has been, in one way or other, preoccupied with the major problem of establishing a necessary link between the empirical and the non- empirical. The latter, however, is not a priori posited as the realm of supersensible realities. For critical philosophy would depend neither on pure rationalizing nor on deductive procedure out of certain postulates and general principles.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-010-3369-5_1

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Sinha, D. , Debabrata, S. (1969). Introduction, in Studies in phenomenology, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 1-11.

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