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ISBN 978-90-481-9285-4

Contributions to Phenomenology
vol. 62

Advancing phenomenology

essays in honor of Lester Embree

Edited by

Thomas Nenon, Philip Blosser

The title Advancing Phenomenology is purposely ambiguous. On the one hand, these essays document the progress that phenomenology as an ongoing and vibrant movement has made in the period of about a century since its inception. They illustrate the advance of phenomenology both in terms of the range of topics represented in this volume and in terms of the disciplinary and geographical diversity of the scholars who have contributed to it. The topics range from scholarly appropriations of past achievementsin phenomenology, to concrete phenomenological investigations into ethics and environmental philosophy, as well as phenomenological reflections on the foundations of disciplines outside philosophy such as psychology, history, the social sciences, and archeology.

The interdisciplinary aspect is guaranteed by contributors coming both from philosophy departments and from a number disciplines outside of philosophy such as sociology, psychology, and archeology; and they come from all around the world – from North America, from Western and Eastern Europe, from Latin America, and from several different countries in Asia. Together, these essays testify to the breadth and geographical reach of phenomenology at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The papers in this volume provide good evidence of the seriousness and fruitfulness of current research in phenomenology today.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-90-481-9286-1

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Nenon, T. , Blosser, P. (eds) (2010). Advancing phenomenology: essays in honor of Lester Embree, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Blosser Philip; Nenon Thomas


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How is phenomenology motivated?

Sepp Hans Rainer


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Working notions

Behnke Elizabeth


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Focusing and phenomenology

Zirión Quijano Antonio


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Quo vadis, phenomenology?

Tani Tōru


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Phenomenology of surprise

Depraz Natalie


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The participating professional

Copoeru Ion


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Reflections on metaarchaeology

Brown Clifford T.


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A letter of Dorion Cairns

Frederick Kersten


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Curriculum vitae

Embree Lester


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