(2006) Husserl Studies 22 (1).

Respect as a moral emotion

a phenomenological approach

John Drummond

pp. 1-27

Earlier versions of this paper have been delivered at Fordham University, Boston College, Loyola College of Maryland, and the Husserl Circle. I am grateful to all those present at these sessions whose comments have contributed to the development of the paper. I am also grateful to Professor Robert Sokolowski of the Catholic University of America for comments on an earlier written draft, and I am especially grateful to Professor Steven Crowell of Rice University with whom I have had numerous conversations and written exchanges about this and related topics in moral phenomenology

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DOI: 10.1007/s10743-006-9001-z

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Drummond, J. (2006). Respect as a moral emotion: a phenomenological approach. Husserl Studies 22 (1), pp. 1-27.

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