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Studies in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur

Paul Ricoeur's moral anthropology

singularity, responsibility, and justice

Geoffrey Dierckxsens

Paul Ricœur’s Moral Anthropology is a guide for readers who are interested in Paul Ricœur’s thoughts on morals in general, bringing together the different aspects of what Geoffrey Dierckxsens understands as Ricœur’s moral anthropology. This anthropology addresses the question what it means to be human, capable of participating in moral life. Dierckxsens argues that Ricœur shows that this participation implies being a self, living a singular lived existence with others and being responsible in institutions of justice. Through experiencing lifeone comes to learn taking moral decisions and the reasons for moral life.

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Dierckxsens, G. (2017). Paul Ricoeur's moral anthropology: singularity, responsibility, and justice, Lexington Books, Lanham.

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