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ISBN 9783319053554

Mereology and the sciences

Parts and wholes in the contemporary scientific context

Edited by

Claudio Calosi, Pierluigi Graziani

This volume is the first systematic and thorough attempt to investigate the relation and the possible applications of mereology to contemporary science. It gathers contributions from leading scholars in the field and covers a wide range of scientific theories and practices such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering. Throughout the volume, a variety of foundational issues are investigated both from the formal and the empirical point of view.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-05356-1

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Calosi, C. , Graziani, P. (eds) (2014). Mereology and the sciences: Parts and wholes in the contemporary scientific context, Springer, Dordrecht.

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