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vol. 138

Wege der Verantwortung

Husserls Phanomenologie als Gang durch die Faktizität

Friederike Kuster

This work employs Husserl's concept of responsibility as a guiding clue for the clarification of the self-understanding of phenomenology as a `rigorous science'. Originally an appeal for radical accountability and ultimate foundation in the field of philosophical theory, Husserl's concept of responsibility culminated finally in a philosophy of human self-renewal. This philosophical telos of ultimate self-responsibility, which was also fuelled by a striving towards cultural reform, was realised for Husserl in a transcendental field of transparent self-evidence, linguistic univocity andtranshistorical ideality.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-009-1632-6

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Kuster, F. (1996). Wege der Verantwortung: Husserls Phanomenologie als Gang durch die Faktizität, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Kuster Friederike


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Zäune gegen Widersinn und Verirrung

Kuster Friederike


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Historizität versus Historizismus

Kuster Friederike


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Anfang und Methode

Kuster Friederike


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