(2014) Metodo 2 (1).

Democrazia e diritti umani

Edoardo Greblo

pp. 73-96

What emerges in any consideration of globalization – despite the style of analysis one might adopt – is its compromising effect on the Nation States capacity of democratic self-rule. Indeed, the shift of competences from the national to the supranational level implies the weakening of the very democratic mechanism according to which any acting of a society is defined as following from its citizens’ will. The main thesis of this article is that a way out of this predicament can be traced exactly in the very idea of human rights as the only conceptual and empirical assumption capable of reviving democracy in a post-national scenario.

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DOI: 10.19079/metodo.2.1.73

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Greblo, E. (2014). Democrazia e diritti umani. Metodo 2 (1), pp. 73-96.

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