Bodily experience between selfhood and otherness

Bernhard Waldenfels

pp. 235-248

In opposition to traditional forms of dualism and monism, the author holds that our bodily self includes certain aspects of otherness. This is shown concerning the phenomenological issues of intentionality, of self-awareness and of intersubjectivity, by emphasizing the dimension of pathos. We are affected by what happens to us before being able to respond to it by acts or actions. Every sense, myself and others are born out of pathos. The original alienness of our own body, including neurological processes, creates shifting degrees of nearness and remoteness, and allows for pathological deviations such as depersonalisation, paranoia or trauma. Such a phenomenology of body crosses the borderlines of different disciplines.

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DOI: 10.1023/B:PHEN.0000049305.92374.0b

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Waldenfels, B. (2004). Bodily experience between selfhood and otherness. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 3 (3), pp. 235-248.

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Leibliche Erfahrung zwischen Selbstheit und Andersheit


Bernhard Waldenfels

in: Vernunft – Entwicklung – Leben: Schlüsselbegriffe der Moderne, München : Fink