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(2017) Humanizing mathematics and its philosophy, Basel, Birkhäuser.

Gödel's legacy

Martin Davis

pp. 215-222

In his truly remarkable paper of 1931, Kurt Gödel casts grave doubts on the viability of Hilbert's program for providing a consistent foundation for mathematics. In addition, it compelled logicians to view their subject through entirely new lenses. Two years later, Gödel was invited by the Mathematical Association of America to address one of its meetings. In his address, he spoke as follows:

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-61231-7_18

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Davis, M. (2017)., Gödel's legacy, in B. Sriraman (ed.), Humanizing mathematics and its philosophy, Basel, Birkhäuser, pp. 215-222.

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