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ISBN 978-3-319-20662-2

vol. 13

Biosemiotic perspectives on language and linguistics

Edited by

Ekaterina Velmezova, Kalevi Kull , Stephen J. Cowley

Without biosemiosis, there could be no human language. The volume presents international perspectives that have been inspired by this simple idea. The contributors open up new methods, directions and perspectives on both language in general and specific human languages. Many commonplace notions (language, dialect, syntax, sign, text, dialogue, discourse, etc.) have to be rethought once due attention is given to the living roots of languages. Accordingly, the contributors unite "eternal" problems of the humanities (such as language and thought, originof language, prelinguistic meaning-making, borders of human language and "marginal" linguistic phenomena) with new inspirations drawing from natural science. They do so with respect to issues such as: how biolinguistics relates to biosemiotics, the history and value of general linguistic and (bio)semiotic models, and how empirical work can link the study of language with biosemiotic phenomena. The volume thus begins to unify perspectives on language(s) and living systems. Biosemiotics connects the sciences with the humanities while offering a new challenge to autonomous linguistics by pointing towards new kinds of interdisciplinary fusion.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-20663-9

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Velmezova, E. , Kull, K. , Cowley, S. J. (eds) (2015). Biosemiotic perspectives on language and linguistics, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Language, linguistics

Kull Kalevi; Velmezova Ekaterina


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Language and biosphere

Markoš Anton; Faltýnek Dan


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Language as primary modeling and natural languages

Petrilli Susan; Ponzio Augusto


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Umwelt and language

Tønnessen Morten


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Verbal patterns

Cowley Stephen J.


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Biolinguistics and biosemiotics

Nöth Winfried


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Before Babel

Filippi Piera


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Darwin's biosemiotics

Neubauer Deana


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The Bakhtinian dialogue revisited

Velmezova Ekaterina


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