Cars, aesthetics and urban development

Peter Allingham

pp. 115-123

The aim of this presentation is, first, to examine the role of aesthetics in creating the experiential effects of the attractions of Autostadt at Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony in Germany. Secondly, Autostadt will be seen in a perspective of urban and regional development which will include a reference to how Volkswagen AG has contributed to the development of the city of Dresden in Saxony by launching a production of luxury limousines at the centre of the city. In conclusion, the experiential design applied in both cases will be evaluated and put in perspective of urban environmental development.

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DOI: 10.1007/s12130-008-9053-9

Full citation:

Allingham, P. (2008). Cars, aesthetics and urban development. Knowledge, Technology & Policy 21 (3), pp. 115-123.

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