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Feeling our way toward inclusive counter-hegemonic pedagogies in teacher education

Esther O. Ohito , Celia Oyler

pp. 183-198

In our work as teacher educators of inclusive education in the United States, we have come to understand the insufficiency of preparing teachers to attend to the shifting demographics of public schools without engaging with how much of formal schooling is designed upon assumptions of meritocracy, and underpinned by historically-anchored legacies of oppression with regard to disability, race, and other social differences. Accordingly, preparing teachers for enacting pedagogies that do not sort, level and label some students as superior and successful, and other students as inferior and deviant, requires teacher education pedagogies that interrogate cultural hegemony, and analyze how inclusive pedagogies are inherently counter-hegemonic. We argue, furthermore, that it is only through attention to the affective and therefore embodied aspects of these interrogations that we can most effectively support future teachers in the uptake of inclusive pedagogies, which are requisite to the construction of just and equitable classrooms and schools.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-54389-5_13

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Ohito, E. O. , Oyler, C. (2017)., Feeling our way toward inclusive counter-hegemonic pedagogies in teacher education, in L. Florian & N. Pantić (eds.), Teacher education for the changing demographics of schooling, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 183-198.

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