Creatività letteraria e luoghi dell'abitare

Pierluigi Panza

pp. 231-246

This study presents some observations related to a phenomenological-based research aimed to document the influence of the home environment on the human creative sphere. The main objective is to study the links between literary creation and housing of the individual who is generating it, with the aim to highlight some recurrences which make it possible to show how the relationship of writers and “creative people” with their own homes reveals the presence of special “psychological types”. We are presenting here only one example for each of these main “types”. The phenomenological discipline records every single experience as irreducible to a objectified science, but does not deny that it could establish a set of examples from which to draw intersubjective considerations. We studied, therefore, a large number (cases) of experiential reports, without, as claimed by Brentano and Husserl in Crisis of European Sciences, abstracting an objective fact, but recurrences of experience. The research has been carried out with some students of the Polytechnic of Milan in recent years. The purpose of this analysis is also to record the ways in which a place is influencing individual sensibility (mainly of writers) through the analysis of his works, and to highlight “recurrent types” in relation to this connection.

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DOI: 10.4000/estetica.1018

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Panza, P. (2014). Creatività letteraria e luoghi dell'abitare. Rivista di estetica 55, pp. 231-246.

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