The reception of the western thought in contemporary Russian philosophy

Irina I. Blauberg , Irena S. Vdovina , Dmitry V. Ivanov , Alexey E. Savin

pp. 277-297

The article comprises three parts. Part I contains an overview of the areas in the analysis of modern French philosophy that have been of the greatest relevance to Russian researchers over the last years. We conclude that numerous aspects of the French philosophical thought of the twentieth century are well represented in the research of Russian authors, who also point out the emerging trends in its development. Part II deals with the development of analytic philosophy in Russia within the framework of such areas as "critique of bourgeois philosophy", a purely ideological stand only nominally related to philosophy, logic, and the history of philosophy and theoretical research. Part III contains a periodization of the history of phenomenology in Russia, pointing out the most important achievements of the contemporary Russian scholars of phenomenology as well as their understanding of the essence, the problems, and the aims of phenomenological philosophy. We also indicate the tendencies within the development of the discipline in the Russian Federation.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11212-014-9214-1

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Blauberg, I. I. , Vdovina, I. S. , Ivanov, D. V. , Savin, A. E. (2014). The reception of the western thought in contemporary Russian philosophy. Studies in East European Thought 66 (3-4), pp. 277-297.

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