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Jan Patočka

from the concept of evidence to the natural world and beyond

L'ubica Učník

pp. 31-42

In this paper, I call attention to certain themes that are present in Patočka 's PhD dissertation of 1931, The Concept of Evidence and its Significance for Knowledge [Pojem Evidence a Jeho Význam pro Noetiku]; in which he outlines a historical account of the concept of evidence by considering the methodology of modern science based on modern epistemology as inaugurated by René Descartes . For Patočka , Husserl does not offer a finished philosophy but rather provides the best possible philosophical attempt so far at answering the question of evidence inherited from modern epistemology . I argue that certain concerns that are present in his PhD dissertation never leave Patočka 's thinking. In Patočka 's view, we need to rethink phenomenology, not abandon it.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-09828-9_3

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Učník, L. (2015)., Jan Patočka: from the concept of evidence to the natural world and beyond, in L. Učník, I. Chvatík & A. Williams (eds.), The phenomenological critique of mathematisation and the question of responsibility, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 31-42.

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