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Aletheia. An International Journal of Philosophy

Epistemology and logic

Vol. 4

This volume of Aletheia is dedicated to the Polish philosopher Roman Ingarden. A lengthy and - until now - untranslated text on the «Foundations of the Theory of Knowledge» from Roman Ingarden's works in Polish is here translated for the first time into a western European language. This English translation treats Ingarden's considerations on the phenomenology of the essence of cognitive experience and its correlate. In the same volume Fritz Wenisch contributes a foundational investigation concerning insight and objective necessity,in which informative and necessarily true judgments are contrasted with those that are not informative. By this is Kant's distinction between synthetic and analytic a priori judgments discussed in a fundamental way and critically illuminated.

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(1988). Epistemology and logic. Aletheia. An International Journal of Philosophy 4.

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