Royaumont Abbey 1957: the (famous) Husserl Congress

Troisième colloque philosophique de Royaumont, 23-30 avril 1957 [organisé par le Cercle culturel de Royaumont]

The Husserl conference took place in Royaumont one year before the “infamous 1958 Royaumont Colloquium on analytic philosophy”. Participants at the 1957 Royamount conference were: Hans-Georg Gadamer, Alexandre Koyré, Herman van Breda, Roman Ingarden, Eugen Fink, Alfred Schütz, Emanuel Levinas, Merleau-Ponty … – (the proceedings of the conference were published under the title “Husserl”, in French: Paris, Les éditions de Minuit, 1959 (Coll. Cahiers de Royaumont, Philosophie n°3)

“The theme of the 1958 meeting at Royaumont was the nature of analytic philosophy. The impressive list of speakers included Gilbert Ryle, J. L. Austin, P. F. Strawson, W. V. O. Quine, Bernard Williams, J. O. Urmson and R. M. Hare; and in the audience were A. J. Ayer, Charles Taylor, and continental philosophers such as JeanWahl, MauriceMerleau-Ponty and H. L.VanBreda, the founder of the Husserl-Archives in Leuven. It was hoped that this conference would lead to mutual understanding between Anglo-American philosophy, in particular ordinary language philosophy, and continental European philosophy, in particular phenomenology. The meeting was no success. In the words of someone who attended it, the conference was ‘a dialogue that didn’t come off . . . [F]ew left it much wiser than they came – at least as far as the subject of the conference wasconcerned’ (Taylor 1964, 132–3).” (See Søren Overgaard, (2010) ‘Royaumont Revisited’, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 18: 5, 899—924.)



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Alfred Schütz and others at the the Royaumont conference 1957.


Speakers and topics of the Royaumont conference 1957.
Speakers and topics of the Royaumont conference 1957.

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